Acrylic on canvas

90 x 120 cm

Ferdinand and Hubertus


& Hubertus

Acrylic on canvas . 90 x 120 cm

La Marienda

La Merienda

Acrylic on canvas

103 x 140 cm


Customer Reviews

We love this painting as much today as the day when you first delivered it to our house in London. You captured a very special moment in time as it so perfectly captures the essence and characters of our 3 girls. We can’t thank you enough Nina.
— Samantha & Nigel

Portraits since 1994



The first portrait I ever did was a portrait of my younger brother and I in 1994 called entitled "Little Alps". Since, my style evolved a lot and Pop Art had a big influence on my art. The biggest piece I made was painted on four canvases, in total 160 x 160 cm (63 x 63“). It now hangs in a house in Florida after that it has been part of my single show in the University Club in Washington (exhibition sponsored by Daimler Benz and Lufthansa).

Since then I have portrayed more than hundreds of people, individuals as well as groups and families up to seven members. My portraits are mainly appreciated for the reason that they display persons not only from outside but reveal true characters as well.

Little Alps

Little Alps