As I am often commissioned for portraits, it came naturally to me to start making portraits of celebrities. The first celebrity I portrayed was Alan Greenspan, financial adviser and better known for his services for the Federal Reserve Board of the United States from 1987 to 2006. This piece hangs now in the financial department of a company based in Hamburg.


As most of my fellow artists from all over the world who focus their work on subjects from their own countries, I decided to portrait two famous German personalities. Inspired by a recent speech of the 93 years old German former chancellor in front of the German Parliament and the forthcoming 200th birthday German composer, I created these two amazing portraits, both acrylic on canvas, 130 x 110 cm (51 x 43“).



Other examples of celebrities I portrayed are Helmut Schmidt, the former chancellor of Germany, and Richard Wagner. These two portraits have been made in 2012 during my time in Paris at the Cité Internationale des Arts where I developed my art during three month thanks to an art grant.


33 Kopie.jpg

Gallery ACC in Weimar, 2013

Mrs. Dr. Nike Wagner and me in front of the portrait of her grand grand father on an exhibition in Gallery ACC in Weimar, 2013

12 10 22 Brief von Helmut Schmidt Kopie.jpg

Helmut Schmidt

A letter from 2012 written by Helmut Schmidt thanking me for a copy of his portrait I´d sent to him.