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Our motto:
Redefining Your Environment
with Visionary Creativity

Artist Nina Nolte, with almost four decades of artistic expertise and a portfolio of over 1,800 photo-documented creations, has exhibited her works worldwide. Her pieces adorn two museums, public spaces, and private collections.

In 2021, this forward-thinking artist launched NINA NOLTE ARTSOLUTIONS, an endeavor aimed at providing art enthusiasts access to exclusive, high-quality reproductions of her original masterpieces, available in three standard sizes. At the core of our philosophy is a commitment to sustainability, embodied in our EcoWeave textile, derived from recycled PET bottles, and complemented by the recycled-aluminum frame. Our approach seamlessly blends innovation with practicality, ensuring the transportation and assemwbly of these art prints is a breeze.

We have recently expanded our offerings to include functional art, seamlessly concealing everyday elements like televisions, speakers, doors, and cabinets behind captivating art pieces. Whether for damp environments like SPAs or outdoor use, our art, including light boxes, adds an atmospheric touch to your space.

Collaborating in the design process, Nina Nolte’ s ability to capture the zeitgeist shines through in these transformative creations.

NINA NOLTE ARTSOLUTIONS extends its expertise to personalizing family portraits, cherished objects, or even vehicles.

Explore our website to discover more about the artistry of Nina Nolte and the unique solutions we offer to make your spaces truly extraordinary.



"There's always a beautiful solution for art; Customer wishes are always welcome!"

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Her dedicated team in Marbella stands ready to turn your artistic visions into reality. Visit our new base at PANORAMA 187, the gateway to Marbella’s eastern entrance.

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