Vespa "GO4IT !" - I am more than a Vespa – I am Art !

The idea of adding additional value to iconic two-wheelers by transforming them artistically to individual art works came to me after successful transformations of normal cars into stunning Art Cars.

That´s why a well-preserved Vespa turned into the Art Vespa "Go 4 it!" just in time for the Marbella Design Fair, where it found a lot of admirers. Press and TV also reported about it.

It was a Vespa LX 125, built in 05/2011, with little kilometres and 100 km/h max speed.

The theme I had given me for this first Art Vespa was our so longed for summer:

Vespa plus summer is for me a trip for two to the beach, the wind around the nose, the Beach Boys song “Surfin´USA” in the ear, on the luggage rack all the necessities for an excursion to the sea: bath towel, bikini, swimming trunks, sun creme, a drink, flip flops ...

The ideas just spilled out of me and quickly found implementation in form of small drawings which a sign workshop in Spain transferred for me onto a vinyl wrap film for cars.

In five days, the originally red Vespa muted into this beauty thanks to the skills of a car wrapping studio in Marbella.

The Vespa has been recently sold to a car collector.

Summer Party 2017. Shipyard Bootsmanufaktur & Riva Classics

Sport & Art - Luxury Boots & Luxurious Ladies (June 23 - 25, 2017)


Enjoying Berlin Eastside feeling with it´s industrial history and summer freshness and a park of amazing RIVA boats, coming from all over Germany to spend a weekend in this unique landscape in the east of Berlin with canals, large lakes and charming bays.

It was an amazing location to present my Limited Edition with my charming and elegant middle-aged ladies, who could easily be sitting on board of one of those beautifully and well conserved wooden sport boats, all from the 50's and 60's.

Although the weather wasn't not that sunny, everybody enjoyed that magical weekend and we are already looking forward to the coming summer party in 2018 !

Popsommer - Konstanz

CURATED BY Gallery Wild, Zurich

Church St. Johann -  Konstanz . DE


From May - September 2017, I had the opportunity to exhibit with the big names of Pop Art on the exhibition Popsommer. My Limited Edition was rubbing shoulders with limited editions of Jeff Koons, Roy Lichtenstein, Christo, James Gill, Allen Jones, Mel Ramos and Niki de Saint Phalle. The exhibition took place in the well known former church St. Johann in the city of Konstanz, situated on the Lake Bodensee, curated by Gallery Wild, Zurich.

I participated with ten artworks of my Limited Edition including eight Textile Art Prints and two Lightboxes, all editions of 150 numbered and hand signed pieces. You can find them in my online shop.

The exhibition banner outside the building showed the motif of my artwork COKE CAN IN MY POOL, a Lightbox in 70 x 70 x 9 cm (28 x 28 x 3,5 “), coming in an aluminium frame with remote control and dimmer, and also forming part of the exhibition. My Coke Lightbox is already hanging in  the US, the UK, in France, Spain and Germany. 


David Bowie Tribute - London

Exhibition Curated by Monica Colussi

Fiat Chrysler Motor Village - London . UK


This exhibition pays homage to the enigmatic showman with a series of artists who were inspired and influenced by him, or knew and worked with him. 

Monica Colussi has organised and curated an exhibition that both salutes Bowie while also adding to his legacy and cult; a collection of existing and commissioned work, weaving a narrative through this extraordinary life. Like Bowie himself, it crosses mediums to include paintings, photographs and sculpture.