Frau Lotte – The Berlin Matryoshka and an Appeal for World Peace

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The WORLD EXPO is a venerable global exhibition project, dedicated to advancing the ideals of public education, innovation, progress, and international cooperation, with a legacy spanning almost two centuries. Russia, since 1851, has actively participated in all WORLD EXPOs, earning esteemed accolades. However, Russia has never before hosted a world exhibition.

Competing alongside Osaka and Baku, Yekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk Oblast, Ural Federal District of Russia) vied for the privilege of hosting the WORLD EXPO in 2025. Had Yekaterinburg emerged victorious, the WORLD EXPO would have graced the period from May 2 to November 2, 2025, welcoming visitors from nearly 150 countries.

Nina Nolte - Matryoschka Expo 2025, Nina thanking the team - We made it - Art Solutions and Interior Design


As part of a global cultural initiative dedicated to WORLD EXPO 2025, twenty Matryoshka dolls from Yekaterinburg were dispatched in early 2018 to ten major cities worldwide. These artistic creations were showcased in public squares and shopping centers to bolster Yekaterinburg’s bid. Ten Swerdlowsk Matryoshkas were already completed, and international artists embarked later on crafting their “counterparts”.

Following this, all the Matryoshkas journeyed to Paris. If you were in the French capital in late November of that year, the presence of these dolls would have been unmissable in the vicinity of the Russian Cathedral of the Holy Trinity. Twenty colossal art installations, embellished by artists from various corners of the world, formed a vibrant campaign in solidarity with Yekaterinburg’s endeavor to host WORLD EXPO 2025.

The German artist Nina Nolte was selected by the Yekaterinburg committee for WORLD EXPO 2025 to represent Germany in this prestigious event. She embarked on the creation of the Berlin Matryoshka, named FRAU LOTTE, using her drawing tablet. Before the detailed painting process began, the substantial 170 cm fiberglass blank required careful preparation. Nina Nolte collaborated with the esteemed team at the Becker & Beckmann paint shop in Berlin, where FRAU LOTTE was transformed over five days of meticulous work.


FRAU LOTTE’s design is a testament to Nina Nolte’s skill and creativity. Representing Germany, the Matryoshka featured the colors of the German flag: black, red, and gold. The body was adorned with white symbols on a black background. Prominently, a large peace sign graced FRAU LOTTE’s chest, encircled by symbols representing the six main religions.

The choice of Berlin as the motif was deliberate, reflecting the city’s harmonious coexistence of over 184 nationalities. Symbols paying tribute to the iconic Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin airlift were also featured, evoking the poignant history of the city. The lettering “BERLIN” adorned her left side, with the “B” symbolizing Bluetooth connectivity, emphasizing the importance of peaceful connection. The “E” took the form of a bear, the emblematic animal of Berlin, while the “I” represented the renowned television tower at Alexanderplatz.

A yellow headscarf, dotted with black, planet-like motifs, symbolized the universe. Atop this, FRAU LOTTE wore a red headphone, attuned to the world’s sorrows, offering counsel and passionately advocating for global peace – a prescient concern even at her creation. The remainder of the symbols echoed Nina Nolte’s hallmark motifs of love, eternity, and the cosmos.

HOW IT ALL BEGAN – Nina Nolte´s First Exhibition in a Gallery (1992)

Nina Nolte - How it All Began Nina's First Exhibition in a Gallery - Art Gallery and Interior Design

This is the video of Nina Nolte´s first exhibition in a gallery: Gallery Inter Art, Munich, July 1992 Here you can see how it all began.

This exhibition was followed by countless exhibitions on an international level, both in galleries and at art fairs.

You can find more details about the exhibition venues on this webpage under “exhibitions”.

IN FOCUS WITH ALBRECHT WIDMANN: Talking to Nina Nolte, exhibiting at Fabien Fryns Fine Art, Marbella, 1998

Nina Nolte - Albrecht Widmann - Art Gallery and Interior Design


Mediterranean International TV, 1998.

Albert (Albrecht) Widmann and Kenneth Barlowe – Contemporary Art Foundation

Nina Nolte - Albrecht Widmann - Art Gallery and Interior Design
Nina Nolte - Kenneth Barlowe - Art Gallery and Interior Design

It is an older but lovely interview with Nina Nolte on the occasion of her exhibition at Fabien Fryns Fine Art in the Marbella Club Hotel.

Nina Nolte speaks about her current exhibition at the gallery and reveals us she had been sponsored by Lufthansa and Mercedes Benz, showing her art at the headquarter of Mercedes Benz in Berlin and at the University Club in Washington D.C.

Interviewer: Albrecht Widmann

Sound: Spirit Director: Rodney Hearth

Camera: Howard King

Vision Mixer: Gwilym Rhys-Jones J.R.

Mediterranean International TV, copyright 1998


Mercedes Benz

Special “She´s Mercedes” Event at Mercedes-Benz, Hanover

Nina Nolte was invited to take part in the exciting one day tour, testing the eight really fast AMG sports cars. Highly recommendable!!!

Nina Nolte showed her turban ladies (out of her series THE BEST IS YET TO COME as STRONG WOMEN and part of the first female AMG Driving Performance Tour. She also took part in the exciting one day tour, testing the eight really fast sport cars. Highly recommendable!!!

MINI “My Funny Valentine” – Jazz Lyrics for a MINI

Nina Nolte - My Funny Valentine . Mini - Thanks Guys you made it happen - Art Gallery and Design

Nina Nolte specially created the font for this MINI, readable, but not at first sight.

The MINI Cooper Roadster is one of the most beautiful models MINI ever designed. This one has been converted into an art car and displays the lyrics of one of Nina Nolte´s favourite jazz songs, MY FUNNY VALENTINE, composed by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart.

The artist chose a jazz song, as this music goes perfectly with romantic tours through the country side.

 Besides this, the era of that music is also the era of one of Nina Nolte´s series, THE BEST IS YET TO COME, the paintings with her elegant turban ladies in the water, that look like they’re from the 1950s. The two red rear view mirrors (the ears of the MINI 😉 are truly the dots on the “i”.

Further down you see Nina Nolte and the whole team which helped her to make the car an art car.

 P.S. It is fun to drive this car and see the happy faces of the other drivers when they discover it!

The roadster was built from 2011 – 2015. There are only 24609 copies. This roadster is one of the last ones built.

The “MINI Ruhrpott” of the Series `MINI Nina Nolte City Edition´

Nina Nolte - BMW Erwin Schmidt - The outline . Art Gallery and Interior Design

A cooperation between artist Nina Nolte and MINI-BMW car dealer Erwin Schmidt in Lünen/ Germany

 This time it’s not a black MINI, but one in electric blue, symbolic for the now clean air and the bright blue sky over the Ruhr area in Germany, which for decades has suffered from the consequences of extensive coal mining.

The white symbols on the MINI reveal us what characterises the Ruhr area, such as the 81 miners on the roof, with their miner lamps, the so called “Grubenmännchen”. Other symbols are hoe and pickaxe, a winding tower, the miners motto “Glück auf!”, landmarks, etc. or well known other slogans of this region.

As a contrast to the bright blue of the MINI, Nina Nolte gave the MINI two orange ears, the rearview mirror caps.

The Ruhr area, affectionately called “Ruhrpott” by its inhabitants, has developed into one of the important cultural centres of Germany.

World Expo 2025 – Berlin artist Nina Nolte chosen to create the German MATRYOSHKA

Nina Nolte - Matryoschka Expo2025,Yekaterinburg, Presenation in Paris, Cathedral of Saint Trinity - Art Solutions and Interior Design

Nina´s German MATRYOSHKA is
an appeal to all nations for peace in the world.

The doll, named “Frau Lotte”, was one of twenty ambassadors for the candidacy, all made by artists on different continents. They are 1.8 meters tall, weighing 60 kilos. Nina decided to use the colours of the German flag for hers

Nina Nolte - Matryoshka Berlin - Art Solutions and Design
Nina Nolte – Matryoshka Berlin – Art Solutions and Design


Nina Nolte - Matryoschka Expo2025,Yekaterinburg, Presenation in Paris, Cathedral of Saint Trinity - Art Solutions and Interior Design
Nina Nolte – Matryoschka Expo2025,Yekaterinburg, Presenation in Paris, Cathedral of Saint Trinity – Art Solutions and Interior Design

The commitee of the candidacy of the Russian city Yekaterinburg to the World Expo 2025 chose Nina Nolte to create the German MATRYOSHKA.

Nina decided to use the colours of the German flag for hers. Nina´s German MATRYOSHKA, called “Frau Lotte”, is an appeal to all nations for peace in the world.

The six biggest world religions form a circle around the peace sign, representing symbolically the more than 190 nationalities that live peacefully together in Berlin, the capital of Germany. In addition Nina Nolte created images on the matryoshka, showing the well known landmarks of Berlin, including the famous Gate of Brandenburg.

Nina was able to create the matryoshka in just five days thanks to the great support from her team and Becker & Beckmann, Berlin.

The doll was exhibited for one week in the Russian House of Culture and Science in Berlin. She was then sent to the Russian Cathedral of The Holy Trinity in Paris, where she was on displayed on the press conference on December 5, 2018, and attended by significant dignitaries, among others the mayor of Yekaterinburg and the Governor of the Ural Federal District.

Unfortunately for Yekaterinburg, the Japanese city of Osaka was chosen to host the World Expo 2025, and “Frau Lotte” and the other nineteen matryoshkas now delight the people in Yekaterinburg until further info.

Vespa “GO4IT !” – I am more than a Vespa – I am Art !

Nina Nolte’s Art Gallery moves into scooter decoration with the idea of adding additional value to iconic two-wheelers by transforming them artistically to individual art works came to Nina Nolte after successful transformations of normal cars into stunning Art Cars.

That´s why a normal Vespa LX125 turned into the Art Vespa “Go 4 it!”. Just in time for the Marbella Design Fair, where it found a lot of admirers. Newspapers and TV also reported about it.

The theme for this first Art Vespa was the so longed for summer

Vespa plus summer for young lovers is a trip to the beach, the wind around the nose, the Beach Boys song “Surfin´ USA” in the ear, on the luggage rack all the necessities for an excursion to the sea: bath towel, bikini, swimming trunks, sun creme, a drink, flip flops …

The ideas just spilled out of her and quickly found implementation in form of small drawings which a sign workshop in Spain transferred for her onto a vinyl wrap film for cars.

In five days, the originally red Vespa muted into this beauty thanks to the skills of a car wrapping studio in Marbella.

The Vespa has been sold to a car collector.

Interview Marbella TV

Nina Nolte - Interview With Nicole King, Marbella Logo - Art Gallery and Interior Design


Marbella – Spain

Nina Nolte had the opportunity to be interviewed by Nicole King of Marbella TV. You can watch the interview on 

Nina Nolte - Interview With Nicole King, Marbella 2 - Art Gallery and Interior Design
Nina Nolte – Interview With Nicole King, Marbella 2
Nina Nolte - Interview With Nicole King, Marbella - Art Gallery and Interior Design
Nina Nolte – Interview With Nicole King, Marbella – Art Gallery and Interior Design