Pool Paintings



During my childhood in Barcelona, the water exerted a great fascination on me. With our boat we often sailed along the Costa Brava during the summer holidays. My particular closeness to this medium has always been animated by requests of commissioned works in which I would make portraits of families or individual persons under water. In contrast to traditional portraits, I am fascinated by the way the light reflects on the water. Through water, portraits attain a very interesting artistic level of abstraction that takes visual to the next level.


My first under the water's painting was "Cherubini I", painted in 2006 and created with photos of friend´s kids in our pool. It was followed by many other ones, part of them have been first exhibited in Marbella where I used to live from 1997 to 2010. The second exhibition was in 2007 during a summer show at Sara Nightingale Gallery in Watermill/ Long Island, a successful show that has been fully sold. The catalogue was sponsored by Lufthansa and at that time I was – as far as I know - the first painter with under water theme.

Because of the likes of this specific style and my approach of the water, I have been commissioned twice in US for photo shoots and under water works. The last one was a triptych that illustrated eight grandchildren on a total painted surface of 330 x 150 cm (59 x 130“). This piece now hangs in a beautiful house based in California.