The Best is Yet To Come

Nina Nolte The Best Is Yet To Come

My series "The Best Is Yet To Come” which is my current life motto illustrates moments from ladies of my age, the so called best agers. The view from above onto my actresses has been made on purpose and can be qualified as a little voyeuristic. In fact, I want the spectator to feel like he is observing these women and secretly witnessing their conversations. These private moments of women being together and talking about their life, the past, the present as well as the future and of course love while being aware that half of our life lays now behind us.

For some of these women it´s an opportunity to experiment new adventures whether they have the financial resources or whether they have the courage to start something new. In a context where the kids have left home and sometimes the husband too, everything appears as new challenge : What are we going to do during the rest of our life ?

Some of them like the lady in her cabriolet illustrated through "I'll Remember April" already made a decision.

The Models For The Series Of Paintings