Glamour, Grace and Friends


Glamour, Grace and Friends


The idea of starting this series came when Nina Nolte realised how talented she was at capturing photos of essential moments during celebrations like weddings and parties already in the eighties and that this was an interesting theme for another series.

Until now, the largest piece she made on one single canvas is YOU AND THE NIGHT AND THE MUSIC which she finished in 2008. It is painted with acrylic on canvas, crayon and and the size is 260 x 150 cm (102 x 59“) and illustrates twenty one people dancing in a round dance, including herself (the lady wearing a green dress). More than fifty different photos composed like small pieces of puzzle and over 80 hours were necessary in order to complete the final sketch. An other period of six weeks working on the easel ended up with this wonderful art work.



Süddeutsche Zeitung

The 20th of September 2012, YOU AND THE NIGHT AND THE MUSIC appears in an article published by The Süddeutsche Zeitung


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