Wistful Locomotion

Wistful Locomotion


From her childhood on Nina Nolte was quite taken with technology and loved to play with cars of her brothers.

Maybe her love for cars is hereditary. Her grandfather was one of the first car owners in Breslau, now Wroclaw/ Poland, but other members of the family also quickly swapped their carriages for this novel means of transport.

In the eighties Nina Nolte recognized the potential of two rusty classic cars and imported them from Cuba to Germany: One MERCEDES 300 SC Coupe, built in 1957, and one MERCEDES 300 S Roadster, built in 1953. Both models are world-famous and rarer than their brother, the famous Gullwing. A portrait of this very same MERCEDES 300 S Roadster you will find among the following eight artworks. The artwork was bought by DAIMLER BENZ during the – by the company sponsored – exhibition in the University Club in Washington.

Nina has kerosene in her blood and grease under her fingernails as she made her first transatlantic flight at the tender age of 15 months and drove in her mother´s Cadillac.

No wonder that she took up this theme artistically and interpreted the beautiful forms of a Jaguar E Type or Ferrari 250 GTO on the canvas as she is particularly fond of the curved and extravagant car shapes of the fifties and sixties, which perfectly fit with her turban ladies from the same era.

And in the air it must be the legendary Junkers 52 aircraft, called Aunt Ju, or the Super Constellation, with the nick name “Super Conny”, with which she also has travelled as a toddler.

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