Copy DE of Art Cars & Merchandising


It´s always an exciting process to create art on alternative material issued from our daily life, especially when it’s related to automotive and transport. In fact, cars have the potential to provide mobility as a new dimension to the creative experience.  



The first one was an enormous transporting truck, the type of truck that you can find on every road in the US. It belonged to a food transporting company that had the amazing idea of letting artists designing the exterior of their trucks. As an exclusive mobile and open air exhibition, “Young European Art” was exhibited all over Europe. 

My art work “Orange Quartet”, 600 x 150 cm (236 x 59“) that was represented on both sides of the truck has been inaugurated in 1996 in Hanover by the future German chancellor, Gerhard Schroeder.  As part of this inauguration you can see both of us signing the truck.



My second art car was a brand new Jeep, commissioned by a client in Marbella in 1999.

As a new challenge comparing to my previous work, I had to integrate my designs on the car by my own. Thanks to the fantastic talent of an auto paint shop, Andreas´s Art Car was ready for the first ride after three weeks. On this exclusive Jeep, you can see my client, his family as well as their hobbies and iconic things that Marbella is well known for.


Barney . Berlin 2017


The third art car that I made goes by the name of “Barney” and has been created in 2016/2017.

As my personal car, this is a Smart Fortwo convertible that attracts a lot of attention when I drive it in the streets of Berlin. Barney’s project is also a way to display my creative process with cars and eventually attract automotive companies for new cooperations. The painting process has been made and sponsored by the Berlin based paint shop Becker & Beckmann. The interior fully made of leather, has been made by Berlin based interior’s specialist Mittelstädt.




My figures, patterns and symbols are part of my most personal artistic style. I started building this creative identity during my childhood and really started developing it in the late 80’s. Because of their small sizes you can find them on any type of surface through various type of collaborations like these golden cufflinks made with an Indian jeweler. It is also on silk, textiles, furniture, carpets as well as coasters and porcelain. You can even find them on the frisbee from the official team of the University of Munich.


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