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As a member of the Rainforest Art Foundation Europe Nina Nolte participates in the international exhibition of the Marlene Yu Museum, Shreveport Louisiana/USA.



The purpose of the Rainforest Art Foundation is to encourage awareness, appreciation as well as preservation of the Earth’s ecosystems and rainforests through various forms of artistic expression. 

We are artists and Institutions from around the globe, with a common goal to make public more conscious about the beauty of our rain forests as well as the contribution of forests regarding our planet’s health. We therefore need to preserve them. Activities include art exhibitions, poetry readings and various cultural manifestations.


CH-8005 Zürich

Turbinenstrasse 32




1990 – Janosz Korczak Waisenhaus, Warschau

1991 – Europaunion, München (rumänischer Kinder)

1995 – Mukoviszidose Gala, München

1999 – Bunter Kreis, Augsburg (Kinderklinikum Augsburg)

2000 – ASPANDEM, San Pedro Alcántara (Behinderte)

2001 – AIDS-Gala, Marbella

2002 – Cuidad de los Niños, Malaga (Waisenhaus)

2003 – AEBE, Marbella (Butterfly Skin)

2004 – AEBE, Marbella (Butterfly Skin)

2005 – AEBEMarbella (Butterfly Skin)

2014 – Förderverein des Chaim Sheba Medical Centers Tel Hashomer

2016 – Förderverein des Chaim Sheba Medical Centers Tel Hashomer


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