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Silkscreen Printing



I learnt to do silkscreen printing in 2012 during my three months stay in Paris. Silkscreen Printing is for me a very interesting way to express myself and each color application need its individual screen.

Serigraphy which is another term for screen printing was developed as a graphic printing technique in Asia. The printing process that come from the printing screen is produced through different options where parts of the screen are rendered color-impermeable. This process is done with stencils, glue or chemical emulsions. After applying the ink to the screen and distributing it, it is printed on the underlying paper. This technical process was especially used in the USA by artists like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, pioneers of Pop Art. The serigraphy will be then used in Europe after the Second War by artists like Willi Baumeister. Since color printing can be indefinitely repeated without any noticeable wear, I love using it in my creative process as a method to reproduce selected pictorial motifs.





The Process In Studio






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