Limited Edition

Limited Edition

Limited Edition

Exclusive art prints on textile personally hand signed by Nina Nolte.

Nina Nolte’s Limited Edition has been exhibited worldwide with works of other artists such as Jeff Koons, Roy Lichtenstein, Takashi Murakami, Mel Ramos and Niki de Saint Phalle.






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Numbered piece

Every piece is limited to 150 copies and comes with a certificate number


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About The Limited Edition



Nina Nolte started editing her LIMITED EDITION end of 2015 following the success of her original work. The Limited Edition consists of fourteen art prints including twelve Textile Art Prints and two Lightboxes. Each piece is limited to 150 hand signed copies. The Limited Edition by Nina Nolte is requested worldwide and copies have been in sale in already seven galleries in Germany, Spain and Switzerland.


With such titles as After You’ve Gone, Memories of Tomorrow, and A Penny For Your Thought, the 12 motifs of my Limited Edition are a reflection of the emotions that inspired my period of artistic creation. Different sources of influences came into this creative process like legendary jazz musicians including Turner Layton, Keith Jarrett, and Willie Nelson.
— Nina Nolte



Each art piece has a print number as well as a certificate on handmade paper with a seal. The prints are furnished with a woven vignette signed by Nina Nolte herself. The vignette has a limited number that makes every piece unique. The white cloth gloves that comes with the print supports the wall mounting and emphasizes the value and quality of the reproductions.

With this high-resolution digital print and fineness of the weave, the selection of the material guarantees a unique image definitionBecause of a specific sublimation process, brilliant and lightproof colors emerge, using water-based and solvent-free ink.


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