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In the captivating artwork FORGOTTEN DREAMS of the series THE BEST IS YET TO COME, Nina Nolte invites us into a world of intimate companionship. Two elegant women, their identities veiled, sit at the pool’s edge, their figures viewed from behind. The sun bathes the scene in brilliance, casting radiant reflections upon the water’s surface. Both don turbans, an emblem of a bygone era. On the right, a woman adjusts her yellow-patterned turban with both hands, her form draped in a pink pareo. Adorning her neck is a vibrant pearl necklace, tied with a delicate light green bow. To the left, her companion dons a purple-patterned turban, a single pearl stud with a dangling gem just visible. She wears a loose, cerulean dress, providing a gentle contrast to her friend’s attire. The duo gazes towards the horizon, their feet submerged in the crystal-clear, shallow water. Both exude an aura of the sixties.

NINA NOLTE ARTSOLUTIONS extends an invitation to acquire a premium art print of this exceptional creation. This reproduction faithfully captures the essence of Nina Nolte’s original masterpiece, crafted in her studio in Marbella, Spain, in 2010. The artwork measures 100 x 160 cm (39.5 x 63”), painted with acrylic, color pencils, and pastel on canvas. It has been showcased in prestigious galleries across Paris, Berlin, Dusseldorf, as well as in esteemed art associations in Aschaffenburg and Westerland, Germany. It now finds its place within a private art collection.

To make this remarkable piece accessible to art enthusiasts, a new system for exclusive art prints has been developed. This system prioritizes ease of transport and straightforward assembly.

Of special note is our sustainable fabric, EcoWeave, crafted from recycled PET bottles. Through a high-resolution digital print and the fineness of the weave, a unique picture definition is achieved. The inks utilized are both solvent-free and waterproof.

In an effort to contribute to environmental preservation, a smart packing system has been implemented. This reduces shipping volume, resulting in more cost-effective and eco-conscious shipping.

The prints come with a silicon rubber border along the edges, ensuring a secure fit within the accompanying aluminum frame, included in the price.

Every order is accompanied by clear assembly instructions and hanging materials, with the provided allen key making assembly a breeze.

For ideal artwork sizing, aim for it to occupy 4/7 to 3/4 of the available wall space. Simply measure your space in centimeters or inches, then multiply by 0.6 to 0.75. For example, with 270 cm (105”) of space, an artwork with a width of 160 cm (63”) would be an ideal fit.

We offer three standard sizes: Small, Medium, and Large, with personalized sizes available upon request. Contact us for more information.”

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Large 100 x 160 cm – 39.5 x 63“ , Medium 75 x 120 cm – 29.5 x 47“, Small 60 x 100 cm – 23.5 x 39.5“


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