Nina Nolte - A Smart ForTwo Convertible becomes the Art Car BARNEY, wrapped car, in woods - Art Gallery and Interior Design

A Smart ForTwo Convertible becomes the Art Car BARNEY

It was Nina Nolte´s third art car ever. It´s not the newest model, but the artist likes the very special design of 2011, with its friendly front which looks like a face and its well-shaped back. It all inspired her for Barney´s new look. Her typical stick figures, the CHICOS on a white ground.Thanks to the sponsor, BECKER & BECKMANN, expert in car painting in Berlin, Barney made this fabulous transformation from a normal duckling to beautiful little swan.The interior - all in leather, including the steering wheel - was made by MITTELSTÄDT, a Berlin professional upholstery.BARNEY took part on a fair and got some very positive press reviews. HE…
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