Nina Nolte - BMW Erwin Schmidt - The outline . Art Gallery and Interior Design

The “MINI Ruhrpott” of the Series `MINI Nina Nolte City Edition´

A cooperation between artist Nina Nolte and MINI-BMW car dealer Erwin Schmidt in Lünen/ Germany This time it's not a black MINI, but one in electric blue, symbolic for the now clean air and the bright blue sky over the Ruhr area in Germany, which for decades has suffered from the consequences of extensive coal mining.The white symbols on the MINI reveal us what characterises the Ruhr area, such as the 81 miners on the roof, with their miner lamps, the so called “Grubenmännchen”. Other symbols are hoe and pickaxe, a winding tower, the miners motto “Glück auf!”, landmarks, etc. or well known other slogans of this region.As a contrast to…
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