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Nina Nolte’s artwork WAITING FOR SUPERMAN is part of her captivating series THE BEST IS YET TO COME.

In this captivating piece, two ladies stand together within a pool, their eyes fixed on the horizon in anticipation of their own superhero. Adorned with turbans and sunglasses, they exude an aura of elegance and mystery. The scene carries a distinct sixties vibe, captured from an aerial perspective with a subtle touch of voyeuristic allure.

NINA NOLTE ARTSOLUTIONS presents an exclusive opportunity to own a high-quality art print of this remarkable creation. This reproduction faithfully captures the essence of Nina Nolte’s original work, WAITING FOR SUPERMAN, which was crafted in her Berlin studio in 2011. Measuring 80 x 160 cm (31.5 x 63”), this piece comes to life through acrylic, color pencils, and pastels on canvas. For those eager to experience it in person, the artwork is available for viewing at our PANORAMA 187 studio in Marbella. A comprehensive photo documentation of its creation is also provided.

To ensure widespread accessibility to Nina Nolte’s art, we’ve introduced a revolutionary system for exclusive, easily transportable art prints.

Our sustainable EcoWeave fabric is a source of great pride, crafted from recycled PET bottles. It combines a high-resolution digital print with a delicate weave, resulting in a truly unique visual experience. The inks used are both solvent-free and waterproof.

Furthermore, our space-efficient packing system contributes to environmental conservation by reducing shipping volume. This, in turn, leads to more affordable and eco-conscious shipping costs.

The prints come with a silicon rubber border, ensuring a secure fit within the accompanying aluminum frame, included in the price.

With every order, you’ll receive clear assembly instructions and hanging materials. The only tool you’ll need is the provided allen key, making assembly a breeze.

Determining the perfect size for your artwork is crucial. Ideally, it should occupy 4/7 to 3/4 of the available wall space. Simply measure your space in centimeters or inches, then multiply by 0.6 to 0.75. For instance, with 270 cm (105”) of space, an artwork with a width of 160 cm (63”) would be an ideal fit.

We offer three standard sizes: Small, Medium, and Large, with custom sizes available upon request.

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Large 110 x 160 cm – 43.5 x 63", Medium 80 x 120 cm – 31.5 x 47", Small 70 x 100 cm – 27.5 x 39.5"


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