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ITS MAGIC – The Original Artwork

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This original, square artwork IT’S MAGIC by artist Nina Nolte depicts an elegant middle-aged lady standing waist-deep in a pool. The composition is viewed from behind the woman, facing right to left. She is dressed in a light green bathing suit that complements her poised and sophisticated demeanor. The artwork is painted with acrylic on canvas and belongs to the series THE BEST IS YET TO COME.

ITS MAGIC – The Original Artwork

IT´S MAGIC – The Original Artwork

An Original of the series THE BEST IS YET TO COME of the Nina Nolte Collection Nr. 2

Its Magic Video Nina Nolte



Acrylic paint by LASCAUX and FABER-CASTELL Chromos pencils on canvas, wooden stretcher bars. It is mounted on a sturdy wooden stretcher frame and signed both on the front and back. Additionally, the title, format, and archive number of the artwork are noted on the back of the canvas.

Description of the artwork IT´S MAGIC

IT’S MAGIC is a captivating square artwork that depicts an elegant middle-aged lady standing waist-deep in a pool. The composition is viewed from behind the woman, facing right to left. She is dressed in a light green bathing suit that complements her poised and sophisticated demeanor.

The water in the pool is depicted with remarkable clarity, allowing the viewer to see her body through the water and even the tiles at the bottom of the pool. This attention to detail enhances the sense of realism and immersion in the scene.

On her head, the lady wears an intricately twisted turban with a green and white pattern, under which her brown hair peeks out. This stylish accessory adds a touch of glamour and elegance to her appearance. A large white pearl earring adorns her left ear, adding to the overall sophistication of her look.

Her face is shown in semi-profile, allowing a glimpse of her features without fully revealing her expression. She wears sleek black sunglasses, suggesting an air of mystery and poise, as she seems to be observing something outside the frame of the picture.

In her left hand, the lady holds a glass, poised gracefully as if she is about to take the last sip of red wine. This small detail adds a layer of narrative to the artwork, inviting viewers to imagine the story behind the scene—perhaps a leisurely afternoon by the pool, enjoying a moment of solitude and reflection.

IT’S MAGIC was created in the studio of Nina Nolte in Düsseldorf in November 2011. Nolte’s expertise in capturing the elegance and nuance of everyday moments is evident in this piece. Her meticulous attention to detail and her ability to convey mood and atmosphere through her compositions make this artwork a standout piece in her collection.

The creation process of IT’S MAGIC is meticulously documented through a series of photographs, capturing the transformation from a blank canvas to the finished masterpiece. This photo documentation provides a unique glimpse into Nolte’s creative process, showcasing the evolution of her vision and the meticulous effort involved in bringing it to life.

Each step of the process is recorded, allowing viewers to appreciate the labor and love that went into the creation of this artwork.

IT’S MAGIC is cataloged in the archive of Nina Nolte, bearing the number S1723. This archive is a comprehensive collection of her work, containing more than 1800 cataloged artworks. The meticulous documentation of each piece ensures that Nolte’s artistic legacy is preserved for future generations.

The inclusion of IT’S MAGIC in this archive highlights its significance within her body of work.

Adding to the allure of IT’S MAGIC is its sister artwork, STOLEN MOMENTS, which is of the same size and also created by Nina Nolte. This complementary piece bears the archive number S1722 and is similarly available in the SHOP. Together, these two artworks offer a harmonious exploration of elegance and introspection, showcasing Nolte’s distinctive style and artistic vision.

In conclusion, IT’S MAGIC is more than just a depiction of a moment by the pool; it is a celebration of elegance, sophistication, and the quiet beauty found in everyday life. Nina Nolte’s masterful use of detail, composition, and color invites viewers to immerse themselves in the scene and imagine the story behind the image.

Cataloged in her extensive archive, IT’S MAGIC stands as a testament to Nolte’s artistic talent and her ability to capture the magic in life’s simple moments.


Background to the Nina Nolte series THE BEST IS YET TO COME

The idea for this series, which comprises twenty different artworks of various sizes, came to Nina Nolte when she regularly met with her friends in one of their pools in Marbella to refresh herself after work in her studio. The artist recalls the confidential conversations among the women with this series. The captured moment represents a pause in conversation, during which the woman/women reflect on what has been said. By using a bird’s-eye view, she intentionally places the viewer in the role of a voyeur.



The artwork is in perfect condition.



The artwork is actually located in Marbella.



The artwork can be shipped worldwide with FEDEX, either stretched on its current stretcher bars or as rolled canvas in a PVC tube, with or without the disassembled stretcher bars. In case the stretcher bars are also included, both the canvas and stretcher bars have markings to ensure that the artwork can be reassembled exactly as it is currently mounted.


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