Vespa “GO4IT !” – I am more than a Vespa – I am Art !

Nina Nolte’s Art Gallery moves into scooter decoration with the idea of adding additional value to iconic two-wheelers by transforming them artistically to individual art works came to Nina Nolte after successful transformations of normal cars into stunning Art Cars.

That´s why a normal Vespa LX125 turned into the Art Vespa “Go 4 it!”. Just in time for the Marbella Design Fair, where it found a lot of admirers. Newspapers and TV also reported about it.

The theme for this first Art Vespa was the so longed for summer

Vespa plus summer for young lovers is a trip to the beach, the wind around the nose, the Beach Boys song “Surfin´ USA” in the ear, on the luggage rack all the necessities for an excursion to the sea: bath towel, bikini, swimming trunks, sun creme, a drink, flip flops …

The ideas just spilled out of her and quickly found implementation in form of small drawings which a sign workshop in Spain transferred for her onto a vinyl wrap film for cars.

In five days, the originally red Vespa muted into this beauty thanks to the skills of a car wrapping studio in Marbella.

The Vespa has been sold to a car collector.